The Manufacturing Technology behind GIANT Oil

Hydrocracked Base Oils

GIANT Oil’s assortment of lubricants are manufactured from highly refined hydrocracked base oils. Hydrocracking is the major part of technology which transforms and refines the molecules of lubricating base oil into a base oil with superior lubricating properties. This process removes impurities from the base oil like naturally occurring Sulphur, and other natural impurities such as Nitrogen and metals. The refined and hydrocracked base oil is then as clean and clear as water.

  • The base oil feed flows over a high-activity catalyst be at temperatures above 350°C and pressure above 6,900 kPa. Feed molecules are restructured and some are cracked into smaller molecules.
  • Almost all of the Sulphur and Nitrogen are removed, and many aromatic compounds are saturated with hydrogen.
  • Molecular reshaping occurs as isoparaffins and saturated ring compounds are formed. These compounds have high viscosity indexes (VIs) and low pour points.

The resulting base oil contains significantly lower levels of impurities (less than 10 percent aromatics, less than than 300 ppm Sulphur) and are so pure they are almost colorless.

The superior base used in GIANT Oil has the following advantages:

  • The Oil is more inert and forms fewer oxidation by-products that will increase the oil’s viscosity and deplete additives. This means the lubricity of the base oil and the effectiveness of the additives will last longer.
  • Decreased oil consumption due to a better viscosity control and decreased volatility.
  • Decreased fuel consumption due to the oil’s resistance towards densifying which leads to lesser hydrodynamic friction during the oil’s life time.
  • Smoother starts and fear-shifts in cold weather because of the oil’s lower viscosity, which is the result of its superior cold temperature performance compared to an unrefined base oil.
  • Better equipment protection with a longer lasting oil that is clean, has less oxidation tendency and does not easily break down under high operating temperatures
  • Longer intervals between oil changes (compared to an unrefined base oil) help save time and money.

Premium Additive Packages

GIANT Oil’s additive packages are carefully chosen based on the latest requirements and standards in the agricultural, commercial, automotive and industrial sectors. The additive packages are formulated by the best and top additive makers, which are the same additive formulators for lubricants sold under the oil majors. These packages meet or exceed requirements/guidelines set by API and ACEA, among other standards and requirements set by various OEMs.

Hydrocracked Base Oils and Premium Additive Packages make GIANT Oil the right choice for all your lubrication requirements.

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Giant Oils and Lubricants

Vehicle application and Giant brand variant descriptions: Motorbike & Race Bike oils, Heavy engine oils, Light vehicle & Race car oils, High performance car Oils, Tractor, Harvester, Excavator and Transports oils, Diff oils, LSD oils, Gearbox & Transfer Case oils, ATF Fluids, DCT, DSG & CVT oils ,Hydraulic oils, Mineral & synthetic outboard motor oils, Brake fluid, Brake clean, Antifreeze/engine coolants, Truck & Fleets wash, EP2, EP3, 00, Moly Grease, Fuel additives like Adblue, and many more application specific oil & lubricants available in the Giant range.