GIANT 70 25W70 – Available sizes: 5L, 20L

GIANT 70 25W70 – Available sizes: 5L, 20L

GIANT 70 is a special high performance synthetic-blend racing oil specifically designed for use in four-stroke turbo or non-turbo petrol engines under extremely high thermal racing stresses. GIANT 70 brings out the ultimate performance in a track car, rally car, stock car or high performance road car and also those running on methanol- or nitromethanefuelled engines.

Blended with an API SL/CF additive package with dispersant, detergent, anti-wear, acidity control, corrosion inhibitor, oxidation inhibitor and anti-foaming properties, coupled with an extremely high shear-stable viscosity index improver, GIANT 70 is truly suitable for petrol and diesel engines for day-to-day use.

GIANT 70 is formulated with the ultimate metal treatment additive that coats metal surfaces with an ionized micro-layer of oil molecules and metallurgically forms (on the base metal) a durable polished micro-layer of metal. That unique property of this additive dramatically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature.

Metal surfaces within the engine remain treated at all times, providing immediate start-up lubrication which is the period where most wear-and-tear occurs. Bonding between these special oil molecules with the metal surfaces becomes even stronger under higher temperatures, thereby ensuring protection and performance even under extremely high race temperatures. Friction and wear are substantially reduced which in turn results in maximum engine life, performance and fuel economy – critical requirements for a racing car, or for any passenger car for daily use.


  • Stable high-performance lubricating film from a synthetic-blend base oil that withstands high temperatures, with a special additive that forms a coat of oil molecules bonded on the metal surfaces of the engine that provides lubrication right from start-up, even after the engine has been shut down for some time, significantly reducing cold start wear.
  • Extremely special friction modifier additive, which significantly reduces internal engine friction and enhances power output. Much reduced bearing, ring, piston, cylinder and valve-train wear especially during high soot conditions and exhibits superior low volatility characteristics that results in an improved oil consumption control.
  • Protects older engines by creating a film of zinc and phosphorus compounds on cams and flat lifter contact points.
  • Excellent anti-foaming & anti-corrosion properties.
  • Excellent detergency to enhance high-temperature piston cleanliness and protection against bore polishing and scuffing, keeping the engine clean and efficient.
  • A high viscosity index provides a stable viscosity that gives optimum acceleration & engine protection during startup and high temperature operations.
  • Can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines to withstand shear-down, viscosity loss and thickening from heavy soot loading and oxidation, even when operating under extreme conditions.
  • Versatile oil that can be used in extreme race conditions as well as normal day-to-day requirements.

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