GIANT SYNTHOR 80W90 – 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L

GIANT SYNTHOR 80W90 – 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L

GIANT SYNTHOR is an excellent multi-purpose premium quality gear lubricant blended to meet the multi-grade viscosity requirements described in SAE J306 standards. Formulated with fully synthetic base oils, it is a shear stable lubricant that maintains its viscometric properties throughout its useful life. It imparts extreme pressure (EP) properties on automotive gears, which may be operating under the most severe conditions. Specially selected additives also provide anti-weld, antiscuff, anti-wear protections necessary in heavy-duty gear lubricants.

Even under operating conditions with high temperatures, GIANT SYNTHOR consistently out-performs similar conventional automotive gear oils. The EP additives provide superior protection of the gear teeth against spalling, which occurs when flakes of metals break away from the tip of a gear tooth after repeated stress.


  • Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability
  • Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs
  • Superior load carrying capability in heavy-duty applications
  • Smoother power transmission
  • Wider operating temperatures
  • Maintains clean gear surfaces thus minimizing wear
  • Protects against spalling
  • Limited slip performance
  • Not only GL-4 & GL-5 but also for GL-4/5 LS combinations
  • Can be used in both Automotive and Industrial Gear applications
  • Low odour

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