GIANT TORQUE 50 – Available sizes: 20L

GIANT TORQUE 50 – Available sizes: 20L

GIANT TORQUE is a high performance transmission and drive train lubricant engineered by combining highly refined basestocks with supreme additive packages. It is uniquely designed to optimize the performance of powershift transmissions, gearboxes, clutches, final drives and hydraulic systems.

GIANT TORQUE is formulated to meet Caterpillar TO-4 requirements.


  • Excellent frictional properties: Optimum clutch friction retention & slippage control, Excellent anti-chatter brake performance, Extended clutch & brake life
  • Excellent load carrying, anti-wear and EP performance: Greater wear protection + extended component life = reduced cost of operation
  • Prolonged oil service life: Outstanding protection against deposit formation, longer seal life, extended drain & service intervals
  • Maintains correct shifting patterns: The silicone foam inhibitor minimizes foam formations while enabling rapid release of entrained air to ensure smooth shifting in powershift transmissions and also optimizes performances in the wet brakes and hydraulic system
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability: Long oil-life + reduced wear = extended equipment life
  • Very good low temperature pumpability: Reduced time from start-up to production

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